Saturday, August 31, 2013

More Stuff My Husband Says!

Oh yes, school has begun, and posts are now appearing in dramatically reduced frequency. But since my response to the "Share a highlight from your summer" prompt that I made all my students talk about on the first day has to do with my darling husband, it seems fitting to share a few more quotes from him! Again, my apologies if these make no sense or aren't funny out of context. Really, hanging out with this guy in person is just delightful!

On the Goat Cheese and Strawberries with Balsamic Glaze dessert I made from my Cheese cookbook, in which I beat together goat cheese, cream and sugar:

"I just want to keep licking this plate forever... This... I will remember what you did to this goat cheese..."

On enjoying a lazy Saturday morning with the latest baseball and football video games:

"I'm in sports video games heaven! Also, I have a woman walking around in her underwear! All I need is a bowl of chips."

On almost running into the coffee table I moved into the hallway so I could do my exercises (which is especially hazardous since he's visually impaired):

"Nice try, table."

On almost running into the table again 5 minutes later:

"You're very good, table, but I'm better."


One of the sub-goals of this blog is to tell tales of teaching. So here's this: Another highlight of my summer was have MY comment featured in a Dan Meyer post. Dan Meyer is a pretty big name in the "how do we teach math better" circles, and his blog is huge. So, basically, having my comment featured is a pretty big deal, in my world.

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  1. OMG, I just met you on MTBoS...I am cooking persimmon chutney as I type! Can't wait to try it with goat cheese and toast...